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The most important step in hiring a reputable private investigator is to make sure you check references and do some research online to get an idea that you are choosing the best option in the market. In this post, we are reviewing one of the top international private investigation firms and comparing their services to other competitors so you can have a better idea of what the industry offers.

For domestic cases involving a person or subject or investigation (organization or company) near you in your local state, city or province, your best bet is to get 3 or 4 quotes from local and licensed investigators in your area and compare pricing, client service and options.  For international cases, this is an entirely different service and requires a whole different set of questions.

Wymoo International is an international investigation firm based in Florida, with investigators on the ground in more than 100 countries.   It is not a public records or database search website; it is an actual investigation firm with highly trained investigators who actually investigate.  Since the company's beginnings in 2006, it has become a major brand in the investigation industry, focusing on international background check investigations, international due diligence and surveillance.

When should you consider Wymoo® as an option?

With over a decade in the industry, a solid reputation and an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, many choose Wymoo International based on the fact they know it is a brand you can trust for international private investigation services. If you are needing a local investigation in the United States, then you might want to look for local licensed PI. Wymoo is the option for most individuals and companies needing background checks or professional investigations outside the U.S.

Understanding the service you need

Just need to check criminal records in the U.S.?  Then you don't need an investigation.  Think a "background check" is just searching for criminal and court records?  Then you don't need an investigation, and you're probably not mitigating your risk.  Need to verify an applicant, business partner, personal situation, investment or company in another country is who he or she claims to stay safe?  Then you need a professional investigation company with expert investigators in the country or countries where you need them for a real international background check investigation or complete international due diligence.  If you or your company is serious about lowering your risk and verifying a person or company, then a public records or database search can't help.

For starters, it is important to understand that people search sites are not compare to private investigator services.  Many people turn to services like Spokeo to verify someone they met online or even an employment candidate. There is no comparing an investigation firm to sites like Spokeo, Hireright  or Intelius, because they do not offer real investigations.

Background check investigations compared

When comparing background check investigations, Wymoo International stood out as the company with the most comprehensive and thorough investigations, with many positive reviews.  Wymoo built its reputation and company on hiring the best investigators in over 100 countries, and then putting a serious focus on client service.  The result has been a significant gain in market share.
When someone hires Wymoo® to investigate a person or entity, the client is assigned to a lead investigator who manages the case from start to finish, and also manages the team or investigator on the ground gathering local evidence.  These local investigators in over 100 countries speak the language and have access to local records, and they are your eyes and ears on the ground.   We also noted that the company website is verified by McAfee to keep data secure.

Clients should expect to pay a realistic price, and we found pricing at Wymoo was comparable to hiring a private investigator directly in each of the countries where the firm operates.  Services from most private investigators start around $400 to $500 and much higher, depending on your needs.  Database and public records searches cost as little as $15, because there is no investigation and no real verification.  You get what you pay for.  Prudent clients know that checking criminal records is not an investigation and not real risk mitigation; it does not verify a person.

Most criminal do not even have criminal records, and databases are often non-existent in developing countries.  A Wymoo spokesperson said they will even beat any competitor's pricing for the exact same service, so be sure to ask investigators a lot of questions before buying.

Customer service compared

During our sampling of investigation and background check options in the market, we were impressed by Wymoo's quick response time to phone calls and emails, and it was clear we were dealing with professionals who knew their business.  Other options often took at least a day to get a response, which were usually generic rather than responding to our specific situation and needs.
If you just need to do the minimum and you're looking for the cheapest option available, then Wymoo International is not for you.  If you need real evidence and you're serious about lowering your risk and verifying a person or company overseas, Wymoo remains the top choice.

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