Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Choosing a Philippines Private Detective

These days, there appears to be plenty of demand for prudent and experienced private investigators in the Philippines. However, the supply situation is quite different. On the surface, there seems to be a large selection of private detectives offering services. A closer examination reveals that only a few of the "investigators" have any professional experience, and the number of real investigation companies is actually very small.

Philippines-based private investigators are often local citizens trying to earn a living. In other cases, the investigator may not even work the case, and simply steal the client of his or her hard earned money. Consumers in need of a private investigator for a background check, discreet investigation or surveillance are advised to avoid investigators based in the Philippines, especially those requiring payment by PayPal or Western Union. This usually indicates an individual, not a company, and could be a scam or amateur at best. Local one man operations lack experience and resources critical to an investigation.

Real Philippines private detectives should offer multiple forms of payment, including secure payment with a credit card via the company's secure website. Choosing a firm based in the U.S. or Canada but with operations in the Philippines ensures a higher level of service, on average. Selecting a local "investigator" may be cheap in the short run, but it's likely cheap for a reason.

Professional private investigations and Philippines background checks require professional investigators, and such services can be expensive.The largest private investigation firm with operations in the Philippines is now Philippine PI™, based in the U.S. but with a full team of field investigators and agents in the Philippines. Philippine PI™ is verified by Truste, McAfee and the U.S. Better Business Bureau. There are other investigators in the U.K. and Canada that operate in the Philippines, and they are also recommended over the local Joe. Remember any reputable firm should have references online and from previous clients.

Because of the high risk of business fraud, infidelity, as well as dating and relationship scams in the Philippines, hiring a private investigator is a prudent decision. Choosing a private investigator based on price alone, however, could be a costly error. Be safe with a trusted and professional detective agency.

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