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Colombia. The diversity of online scams, marriage for visa, internet fraud and romance scams is significant and is well known in Bogota, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Cali. Many Colombian women are seeking better lives, and trying to escape from the poverty and corruption that are all too common in many parts of the South American nation. While many women never have any intention to marry, and are simply seeking financial support from their online lovers, others are seeking marriage for visas into Canada, the U.S., Australia or the U.K. The Colombian women are seeking out their sugar daddies on major match-making and social networking sites.

Most of the scammers in this region look for love online and in addition to financial gain, seƱoritas are also looking for the ticket to get into developed countries by marrying the wealthy gringos or an aussie or brit, and of course the Canadians are also at risk. The local economy in Colombia has been slowly improving, but life in the country is still difficult for most women. The country’s reputation was greatly affected by organized crime and narco-trafficking in the past. Colombia has made significant gains against the cocaine production and drug producers, and these days it seems internet scams and romance fraud are almost an equally serious problem for the country.

Young people get jobs in cities like Bogota, but the wages are very low and in many cases no benefits are included. Colombia still has an alarming percentage of youth employed under the table and prostitution is like a cancer, especially in tourist areas like Cartagena, where the seeming majority of the women are for sale here, with tacky modifications such as butt implants, fake breasts and other plastic “enhancements” to attract their mate. For a Colombian woman, love has no meaning if her man has no money, and this mentality has no taken to the internet.

“It is pretty hard to get wealthy in these countries”, said one Colombia private detectives at his Bogota office. “With constant inflation and corruption, the population struggles everyday to make a better life for themselves and for their families. It’s not easy. These conditions have driven a lot of good Colombian women to prostitution.” The internet has brought a so called easy solution for those who want to increase their income. Education, or the lack of, is a serious problem in Colombia, and education and prostitution are inversely correlated. As education levels go up, marriage scams and prostitution go down. So far, there is no solution in site for better education and economic opportunities. In the meantime, romance scams should keep growing.
Colombian girlfriends can have multiple boyfriends abroad. They may request Western Union transfers to pay for school, rent, sick relatives, internet connections, and endless other combinations. One experts says in 80% of the cases surveyed involving online romance with Colombian women and foreign, there was at least one request for money, so men be ready to pay! These scammers can be convincing and gain their victim’s love with their beautiful looks and sweet words. Then when talk about marriage and money starts, it can be hard to turn down.

Specialists advise that if you are involved in a long distance relationship with a Colombian, especially via the internet, and want to move the relationship to the next level, be skeptical! If a Colombian asks for money, be skeptical! If you have feelings for a Colombian and you are considering a serious relationship, avoid the high risk and consider a professional Colombia background check to verify her story, and to make sure she is who she claims to be.

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  1. Having met a beautiful woman from Santa Marta by way of I have first hand knowledge on how corrupt people can prey on men who believe all the drama.

    But what is interesting by far, is that even families will get into the act when they know that money is easy to be had.

    A classic example of this scam is when there is a medical emergency of some kind or that they need a loan for a crisis.

    In my case, it became obvious, when my fiance couldn't remember that I had paid for her internet service and started to get her stories mixed up.

    This is where the family began to perpetrate their story and bungled the lying even further.

    A trick that you can use on them at their own game is to make them take you to the medical office or bill paying place where they needed to pay the bill. I think you get my drift. It won't happen as they have no clue what to do and there is no account.

    I would let any man be caveat emptor that love does not come free in this country. Sure, you will find a few honest ones here and there, but if you ever hear this, "No tengo" it means that I have no money in Spanish. You can bet that you will be hit up for a ton of money.

    One of their famous sayings in Colombia is:" Amor de lejos, es amor de pendejos". Translated it means, Long distance love is for dummies.

    First rule: do not send or loan money no matter what the story. Two: have your lady checked out: do you really think that she could afford that laptop that she has already? The salary in Santa Marta as of 2010 was at a measly 300 a month, if your lucky. Three: If she is beautiful, she usually has a lot of male friends.
    Marriage is a myth in Colombia. Why do you think that they passed the quick divorce law so that they can get in and out of relationships.

    These are my observations having lived in Colombia for a year. I am of Hispanic descent and usually observe behavior when I am in Latin American countries. Be careful. I speak from experience.

  2. Attention American Men and Woman,

    Planning to marry a Colombian native, well I speak by experience, already married twice and in a few months my divorce will be final with gorgeous number 2.

    My first, upon arriving caused turmoil within my office, which the biggest mistake was giving her work in my office. She continued for several months of her harassment, and so called jealousies, in your window type of comments. Little did I know she was provoking a domestic dispute in order to gain Permanent residency and meet her true love in Miami, she appeared with him 30days after leaving on the Don Francisco show, they didn‘t win the car.

    The second marriage, within 3 months, she was also trying the same tactic to cause a dispute, however, already by experience, there was not going to be a repeat. On the 91 day of marriage, I found out her mother was arrested for drug trafficking in Colombia, several kilos confiscated with a weapon at her home, how charming.

    My only set back was a her 9 year old daughter, the wonderful little her and I loved each other so much as father and daughter, well this marvelous woman, abandoned the home and tried to make a false report of abuse towards her child. I’m very fortunate that a sweet 9 year old innocent girl, protected my integrity and told the truth, if not I be in jail this day.

    May I mentioned, I lived in Colombia each year for 8 months at a time, no internet meeting, I met them in person and lived with them in Colombia to assure this was true love, also another important fact, I was born in Colombia and arrived to the United States when I was 5 years of age, why is it important?, I know my way around Colombia and their culture, but you as an American, they can make your world turn up side down.

    Immigration form for the family petition gives a nice little “Pandora’s Box Statement”, if you the immigrant traveling suffers domestic dispute, you will automatically get your Permanent Green Card, ladies and gentlemen this is what they look for, a green card and destroy your image.

    Do not give them money, take care of your own family instead.

    Santa Claus

  3. I guess the truth hurts, my story was not posted regarding marriages and how they accomplish to destroy american men and women through these marriages. I'm sure Congress will listen to my story.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm from Colombia and lived here 48 years, If my nighmare of two marriages can be posted, you would marry here instead.


  5. Hi, my friend as fallen head over heels in just 8 weeks. He met on a trip from england and she was on the tour bus.He was flattered that shes 61 but looks 40.They cut tour short and he went to Bogota to met not only her parents who must be in there 80s but her children.Then same weekend after sleeping together went to meet her friend at a bank ( the manager )and other so called friends. He eventually finished his tour and went home to england. 2 weeks later there chatting morning , noon and evening. until the weekend and she told him she had been in hospital for 3 days! which lead him to be extremely worried!He was going back to colombia in december to see how living together would work as they are both lonely. since she had apparently spent 3 days in hospital hes changed plans and going in 2 weeks time. with the thought of not coming back. Its all happening so quickly and he won't listen to my concerns! As anyone experienced anything similar or is it me that's got this woman all wrong??? ps. The friends all seem to skype him plus a 6 yr old grand daughter.I think its so strange but is it culture?