Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What to know when considering a Russian Bride

Russia is a poor country and has a reputation for relationship fraud. Of course there are plenty of good, beautiful and honest women seeking marriage with foreigners. There is also an active population of scammers, fraud schemes and old fashioned gold diggers. Some women seek financial gain and lifestyle upgrades, an escape from poverty. Others are actually seeking a loving relationship, marriage and something new and exciting. How to tell this difference is the million dollar question.

If she asks for money, put the brakes on. Beware of family or medical "emergencies" where the woman needs cash and financial support fast. Know that sending money via Western Union is likely lost in the event that she's a scammer. Understand that the scammers are professional criminals and are very difficult to distinguish between an honest and trustworthy woman.

Educated yourself by reading about scam and fraud methods. Knowing about the different scams will help you recognize any foul play. The schemes and fraud efforts vary in strategy, but all have one thing in common, money. Money is usually requested in the form of advance fee fraud, where the criminal needs help with school, medical, rent, family, visa, etc. You can read more about the fraud types at Wikipedia's site for relationship fraud and advance fee fraud. This is a major step in prevention.

Once you understand the fraud types and warnings signs, consider a trip to Russia. Get to know her and her country. See for yourself who you're dealing with. This is a key step in not only preventing fraud, but also important in establishing a meaningful relationship. Take time to get to know her. A Russian woman in a hurry to marry is a major red flag and warning sign.

Lastly, if all checks out, get a professional background check by a firm with a local presence in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Wymoo offers confidential investigations and has years of experience dealing with potential brides and relationships in Russia.

Best of luck, and do your homework!

A. Hathaway
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