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The so called 419 scam that originated in Nigeria may now be a thing of the past or viewed as a fool's crime by many internet users.  Most internet users think they're too smart, too aware to ever be a victim of any Nigeria scam.  After all, they say, they're not going to fall for some obvious Nigeria scam email. International background check companies and private investigation firms agree that Nigeria criminals have evolved and the threat has only gotten worse.

Many crime victims today that have fallen for an internet scam or online fraud may not even be aware that the criminals are based in Nigeria.  That's right!  Nigerian scammers have had years to practice their trade, and con artists now have criminal accomplices based in Malaysia, the U.K. and even the United States.  Thanks to globalizations and uncontrolled illegal immigration, many Nigeria criminals can be operating from just down the street, in Washington DC, London or even Kuala Lumpur.  So, as you're talking to Mr. or Ms. Perfect on the phone with a U.S. or U.K. phone number, you will have no idea the person is actually part of a Nigeria crime ring, or using a Skype number with a local phone number, but actually based in Nigeria.  It can be hard to verify.

Reputable international investigation companies such as Wymoo International report that Nigeria criminals now assume real identities from the internet in places like Facebook or any other site.  For example, a criminal can search Facebook or the web for John Doe, who lives at 32 Walker Street in New York, and take his photo and date of birth, and even get his employment information from the internet, thanks to his company website and Facebook page.  Now, when you try to verify this person by searching Google, you're convinced your internet criminal is the real thing.

Expert international investigators agree with law enforcement agencies that in most cases, only a highly trained investigator with global resources can properly verify an individual met over the internet.  Clients should think of the service as a form of insurance.  Because dating and social networking sites have no way to screen all their users, a dating background check is often the only reliable way for internet users to determine the truth behind the profile.

Remember that no site is totally safe.  Internet criminals have access to all the same sites as you do, and sites like Facebook, and eHarmony have become popular hunting grounds for both honest people and scammers.  Be safe online.  Verify, and then decide.

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