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Real estate, business fraud and internet scams are putting Malaysia on the international map for a known fraud operations center, where internet criminals are quickly increasing their business and profits.  The recession has caused an environment where there is limited opportunity, and more and more criminals are choosing the easy money of the internet to make a living.  Targeting victims online is profitable, and as a result is fast becoming a major problem in Malaysia.

Malaysia private investigators advise business persons, individuals and investors to verify their connections and potential companies if interested to put their money in this region of the planet. Comprehensive background checks and international due diligence should be conducted to protect your company, assets and reputation, as law enforcement has seen business in the Western world suffering real damage out of scams from Malaysia.  Such scams often take the form of false companies, false suppliers or fraudulent investments, and victims usually send their money to invest or start a partnership, later to learn the company or person was a fraud.  Online dating scams are also growing at an alarming rate.  Criminals are working all angles to turn a profit.

Experts say be very skeptical about anyone on the internet asking for personal information or money.  NEVER provide a copy of your passport to anyone via the internet who has not been verified by a reputable private investigation firm.  Doing so can quickly lead to identity theft and financial loss.  Revealing your full name, date of birth and address to someone over the internet, especially Malaysia, is ill-advised.  Verify first, and then decide.   Professional private investigation companies like Wymoo® International have investigators on the ground in Kuala Lumpur and can verify individuals, companies, offices, identity, business registration, etc.

If you are in a business and you are contacted by email or receive a cold call from a company based in Malaysia requesting information, proceed with caution. Be skeptical of new contacts via Facebook or Linkedin and other sites, when someone appears to have an opportunity that seems the perfect fit, or dream opportunity.  If you have to move fast to get the deal, that is another red flag.  Take a step back, and contact a private investigator with operations in Malaysia or in the country where you need them for a discreet consultation.  Make sure the person or company you are dealing with is real, and the offer is legit before you provide the details on yourself or company.  Too many victims report being scammed online, and the risk in Malaysia is growing.  U.S. and Australia and Canadian Embassy officials receive over one hundred complaints each week!

Malaysia background checks can help you minimize the risk of fraud and provide you with relevant information to help you make a more informed decision.  It’s smart to be covered.

The internet opens wide doors to numerous opportunities and international relationships.  Unfortunately, those doors are not only open to those who are honest and ethical.  Talk to a private investigator about how to lower your risk, and verify new internet relationships.

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  1. received a cal from +60163813552 sayin its an accountant from sepang selangor saying i should pay $600 for clearance fee for a parcel am expecting from Wasilla, true is that ?plis help

    1. Sisi, it sounds like possible fraud or scam. It's always a good to idea to verify with a background check if you're not sure, and never send money to anyone who has not been verified.