Monday, July 16, 2007

How to not be a victim of Relationship Fraud

It's no secret that the Philippines produces a good number of foreign brides each year to Western men. Many women seek a better life from the poverty and widespread problems there, others are looking for something different, the money.

There are many successful marriages and lasting relationships that come from the exportation of Philippine brides. There are an equal number of women (and men) scamming Westerners out of the hard earned cash. The Internet has made meeting these women easy, and with beautiful brides awaiting, how does one know the relationship is real? Is she who she says she is?

Most relationships today begin on the Internet, or for a few, with a business trip or vacation to the Philippines. Developing a relationship on the Internet raises the risk level considerably. The best way to avoid fraud and scams (mainly advance fee fraud) is to visit the person and see who exactly you're dealing with. Spend some time in her country and get to know her on a real and personal level. With today's professional fraud groups, it can be difficult to know the difference between love and scam.

Avoid sending money and be skeptical of "emergencies". Get to know the person slowly via the Internet, and follow up with phone conversations if the relationship progresses. Be wary of requests for money. And don't be crazy. If you're thinking of marriage, invest in the effort to visit the Philippines before beginning any serious commitment. Lastly, if all looks good and you think you may have found the real thing, get the confidential background check by Wymoo International, and sleep well at night!

Be safe and happy hunting,

A. Hathaway

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