Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Guide to Investigations and Surveillance

The number of Philippine women involved with European, American, Canadian and Australian men is difficult to estimate. Of course, these aren't the only countries where the Filipinas are escaping to. Filipinas are, in fact, leaving the Philippines in masses. This phenomenon has been taking place for over 20 years or longer, but with the increasing global access to the Internet and the growth of dating websites, scams are on the rise.

Some of the better known sites include and, but the list is extensive and new websites emerge each month. Some relationships begin in person, while a large majority are begun on the Internet. For those initiating on the Internet, the risk for relationship fraud and scam is at an all time high. Potential victims should be extremely wary of any Filipina asking for money early in the relationship. If there is a chance this woman could be the one, whether in the Philippines or beyond (Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, etc), a background check can save a great deal of money and heartache. In short, due to the number of fraud and scam cases in international relationships, it is better to be safe than sorry. The alternative can be costly.

Our three favorite background check services are Owens OnLine, Wymoo International and Philippine PI. Owens OnLine offers a professional service at a reasonable price, although their services are more tailored to business clients. Wymoo International and Philippine PI are industry leaders for confidential investigations for individuals. Wymoo covers over 100 countries worldwide. For the Philippines, however, we recommend Philippine PI because of their local presence throughout the islands.

Depending on your need for information and the Company you choose, professional Philippine investigators cost between $350 and $600. Philippine surveillance may be more, depending on the number of hours worked. Surveillance service should provide detailed reports with photo or video evidence. The insurance and verification is an increasingly wise investment.

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