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Searching for the best Investigator

Private investigation in the Philippines is in large demand. The developing status of the Philippines and its high level of corruption creates the need to have both individuals and businesses verified. In addition to the macro-economic factor of fraud in the Philippines, the country is also known for its sizeable exportation of brides and relationship scams. Hiring a competent investigator is often essential in the Philippines. Choosing one, is often difficult. This article provides an overview.

Business practices in the Philippines are far from the quality of service that is offered by most American and European firms. There are exceptions, but this is simply a reality of a developing, poor nation. When searching for a reputable private investigation company, we strongly recommend choosing one that is based and managed by U.S., Canadian or European ownership. The result is often more qualified investigators, better customer service, more reliable reporting, and superior communication.

Beware of any so-called investigator in the Philippines who does 1) not have a professional website, 2) requests payment via Western Union or similar cash transfer, 3) is unable to write professional emails, or 4) cannot speak fluent and clear English over the phone. Also, if there are no positive references available for the investigator, and no mention of the person or company can be found on the internet, keep looking!

What to look for? Look for a professional firm that 1) is Western owned, 2) responds promptly with professional, well written emails, 3) is available for a phone conversation, 4) charges reaonable rates and accepts credit cards via a secure internet connection, 5) can provide at least one positive reference in the form of a former client, 6) has a professional website, and 7) has positive references about the firm on the internet. Specifically, one of our favorites and the leader in Philippines background checks continues to be Philippine PI.

Lastly, when shopping for a PI in the Philippines, beware of very low prices. These bargain prices can be tempting, but more often than not, it is money lost to a local criminal or person portraying himself to be a professional. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The focus should be finding the most qualified service at a fair price. It's worth it every time.

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