Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Investigation Services Expand for Consumers

Businesses and individuals have had limited options available for international background checks until recent years. Wymoo International has led the competition in the move to provide more global private investigation services and confidential background checks. Kroll and Owens Online are two other companies that have made efforts to meet the demand for international services. Most experts agree, globalization will continue to fuel demand for international pre-employment screening, global due diligence and discreet investigation.

As more companies do business outside their home country, more relationships and businesses will need to be verified. With increased foreign hiring, companies will require a higher level of service for screening candidates from different countries, where privacy laws, languages and legal processes can be drastically different. Hiring an international private investigator which specializes in such foreign and global markets is essential for minimizing risk levels. Finally, there are some options.

Database technology, such as searching dated public records, can be beneficial to a background check in the U.S. or Canada. But, it is no substitute for a real investigation or professional due diligence. In a foreign country, relying on such database methodology is both reckless and unacceptable. Field investigators in the local region provide local expertise, and enable clients to minimize risk, and to sufficiently investigate and verify foreign relationships.

Wymoo® has led the move to employ international field investigators at the local level. The firm has openly stated that they do not believe in automated database technology, and management has made the decision to utilize professional field investigators wherever Wymoo conducts investigation operations, currently in over 100 countries worldwide.

When shopping for an international private investigator or a global background check service, consumers should ask whether or not the investigator or company has field investigators based in the country of the investigation. Many companies may claim to offer international background checks, but merely search databases from abroad, which is a risky business.

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