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Investigators See Rise in Pre-Marital Background Checks

Moscow and St. Petersburg private investigators have seen a rise in pre-marital background check investigations throughout the country. This increase in investigation activity, according to investigators, has been driven by an increase in online dating and match-making volume, as well as an increase in awareness of scams and fraud by consumers, especially Western men.

It's now well known that bridal scams and relationship fraud in Russia is a problem. A Russia background check is increasingly being used as a kind of insurance policy for those seeking to avoid scams and fraud. Private investigators in Russia and the Ukraine state that consumers who seek the services of a professional investigator are making a wise decision due to the high risk in the region. Investigators also state that many clients seek services after the damage has been done, and industry experts suggest getting the background check investigation early is key.

Russia private investigators continue to battle fraud and scams throughout the nation, as fraud ranging from bridal scams to corporate fraud remain high and widespread. In a pre-marital check or background investigation, private investigators can normally verify key factors which overall can determine if the subject is who he or she claims to be. Key points to verify may include address, ID or passport, documentation, employment and education, travel or dating agencies, and more depending on the exact nature of the case. Cases should be customized according to the information available in each case, and investigators themselves should be carefully screened by consumers.

Whether or not consumers decide to use the services of a Russia private detective, it is important to recognize the red flags. These indicators can raise the caution flag, but are not necessarily indicative of fraud. Private investigators advise consumers to be skeptical of money requests, emergencies, relationships "too good to be true", and subjects who fall in love overnight. Problems with immigration, visa, passport or agencies should be verified.

The global economic recovery is occurring at a slow pace, especially in Russia. As Russian women continue to seek romantic relationships outside of Russia via the Internet, and foreign businesses look for investment opportunities in the Russian market place, investigators will remain in demand.

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