Thursday, April 22, 2010

Online Dating Increases Demand for Background Checks

Internet match-making sites like and eHarmony are in high demand worldwide, and combined with social networking sites like Facebook, more and more people are meeting via the Internet than ever before. With this new platform for meeting friends, business contacts and romance, comes new risks and consumers are increasingly turning to international private investigators. Industry observers agree it's wise to have online relationships verified. The alternative can be costly.

Scammers and criminals of fraud are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their techniques. Unfortunately, as methods of conducting fraud and dating scams increase in complexity, it is becoming much harder to determine who is the real thing on the Internet, and who is the criminal. International background checks are strongly advised for consumers who are considering a serious personal or business relationship with any individual overseas, especially if the relationship was begun online.

Experts claim that close to 90% of the relationships begun via the Internet are honest and open relationships, with no elements of fraud or scam. Because of the millions of users connecting with others online, however, the other 10% is a very large number of consumers worldwide. In other words, it's prudent to be cautious and get a dating background check before getting serious in any Internet romance. Private investigators often see clients after the damage has been done, and victims have had their identity stolen, or bank accounts drained. Therefore, it's a wise idea to get the background check early to minimize the risks involved.

What are the warning signs? Private investigators advise consumers to be skeptical of relationships too good to be true. Be extra cautious if the subject claims to be living or working abroad. Never send money to any individual overseas who is not known personally or verified by a professional private investigator. Be skeptical of any deals which require an advance payment. If the subject claims to have been an in accident or needs cash in the event of an emergency, do not send money or panic. Contact a professional private investigator for assistance.

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