Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fox News Reports on Wymoo® Background Checks

Wymoo International began in late 2006 and has since made a significant impact on the international background check and international private investigation industry worldwide. The company operates in over 100 countries and focuses on professional field investigators, rather than just database and automated search technologies. Although management confirms they do use databases and public records, they emphasize there is no replacement for a professional investigator in the local region or country who speaks the local language and has the local contacts in place to obtain information and evidence for global clients. The unique approach and the firm's emphasis on client service has drawn attention from competitors and the media. Fox News reported on the company's success and plans for dating background checks to minimize the risk for consumers.

Despite the global recession, Wymoo® has reported impressive growth for 2009 and the firm's expectations for 2010 are for 30% growth in earnings, represented by an increase in case loads and increased market share in the international private investigation and background check industry. The company is a full service investigation firm, and field investigators focus on a wide range of cases from due diligence, missing persons, scams and business fraud, background checks, pre-employment, and now dating background checks. The company recently announced plans to increase it focus on online dating background checks, and has had discussions with online dating sites and social networking sites regarding a possible relationship. According to the Fox News report on Wymoo, management reported that consumers are increasingly at risk for scams and fraud when using online dating sites like Match.com and eHarmony (and countless others), or when using various social networking sites like Facebook.

The bad economy has put pressure on the background check screening industry, as pre-employment and due diligence cases are usually down in a recession, with less hiring and less foriegn investment and fewer business deals forming. However, Wymoo reports that the incidence of fraud and scams, especially via the internet, has increased substantially. In fact, private investigators know well that criminal activity usually rises during a recession. The company has hired additional field investigators for high risk regions such as Nigeria, Ghana, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia and the Philippines in order to minimize risk for global clients. So far, the firm's strategy on international background checks is working. Online dating and social networking sites are booming in popularity, and this focus in online relationship verifications could increase Wymoo's position as a market leader.

Wymoo International is based in Florida, United States and maintains a large team of professional field investigators around the world. The company conducts investigations in over 100 countries and is verified by Truste, McAfee and the Better Business Bureau. We'll check in with the firm again in 2012, and will also be monitoring the competition for developments.

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