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International Private Investigators Explained

An international private investigator can be 1) a professional private investigator in a foreign country, or 2) a private investigator willing to travel and capable of conducting international investigation, or 3) a professional private investigation firm with offices or operations in several countries. In most cases, an international private investigator refers to the latter, and such investigation companies with international operations are often best prepared and capable of carrying out comprehensive international private investigations.

International private investigators are:

• Professional field investigators or offices in several countries.
• A company that has experience representing global clients.
• Investigators who have contacts, assets and agents abroad.
• Local investigators on the ground who speak the same language.
• Discreet and confidential services that meet industry standards.
• Investigators or companies that specialize in international cases.

For cases involving specific countries, consumers have the option of contacting a local private investigator in that country directly, although language and cultural barriers often exist. Other options are companies like Wymoo® International with established reputations and international operations, including a global team of professional field investigators, agents and support staff.

International private investigators can:

• Minimize risk in foreign hiring or international business.
• Search for missing persons or international heir cases.
• Screen international relationships for fraud and scams.
• Verify foreign companies and business representatives.
• Conduct international background check and due diligence.
• Conduct pre-employment, criminal, infidelity & surveillance.
• Check foreign public, civil, criminal, travel and court records.
• Verify documentation, passports, visa and birth records.

When shopping for an international private investigator or international background check service, choose a company that has a secure website that is verified by organizations like Truste, McAfee or the Better Business Bureau. Search Google for references and see what other people are saying about the company. Make sure the company has international offices or field investigators in the countries where you require investigation. Lastly, be sure the investigator replies promptly to your emails or phone calls, and check the company's 'Contact Us' page to see if there is a real address and contact information.

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