Monday, January 17, 2011

Private Investigators Get Coverage on NBC

Online dating scams and romance fraud via the internet are on the rise. A recent story by NBC News provides an excellent example of the pain and damage that can be inflicted by a romance scammer. The threat is real and the problem widespread. Users on sites such as, eHarmony and Facebook need to be aware of the scams, and take precautions. In this case, Wymoo private investigators were able to confirm the subject was a fraud, and save the victim from further heartache and financial problems. Experts say it is important to get the dating background check and investigation done early, rather than when it is too late.

Private investigators around the world, as well as the FBI, have reported a sharp increase in the number of victims and reported internet scams involving online dating or social networking sites. Staying skeptical and closely guarding your personal informaton is essential. When in doubt, hire a reputable professional private investigation firm to conduct an international background check to verify the individual or company. Never send money to anyone overseas who has not been verified, and remember that it doesn't take a fool to be a victim. Scammers are increasingly using sophisticated methods to attract and scam their victims. Fraud has been part of society for 5,000 years, and by most projections, it is expected to stay the same or get even worse.

Given the high risk for scams and fraud, is online dating and social networking on the internet worth the risk? The answer is yes, but proceed with caution. As the you can see from the video with Wymoo on NBC, online dating sites such as are doing what they can to educate costomers. Consumers need to remain skeptical and be aware of the risk for scams and fraud on the internet. The internet and globalization are now connecting people like never before. In most cases, these are positive connections and a great way to meet people all over the world. Because of the growing risk, however, consumers should stay informed and hire a private investigator when in doubt.

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