Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The world has been economically struggling for the past three years. In the U.K. alone, economists affirm it has been the worst crisis since 1996; its inflation rate is compared to that of July ’08 when the global crisis was emerging. In Europe, Greece, Spain and Ireland are showing serious and real signs of collapsing, and developed economies like Germany are contemplating offering more financial assistance.

This has lead to worse migration trends and it seems that the U.K. is the number one spot for Greeks, Spaniards, Turks and anyone willing to cross the British Channel in search of a brighter future. UK private investigators  say this uncontrolled immigration is increasing crime rates, and putting serious pressure ont eh country. In fact, the U.K. has seen a sharp rise in online scams and internet fraud. Such criminal operations are often ran by criminal groups who are in the country illegally, or recently migrated.

In 2009 alone, online businesses in the U.K. experienced a notable percentage of lost revenue due to increasing internet fraud and hacking. Online merchants expect to lose 1.8% of their overall online revenue due to fraudulent online payments, an average of £400,000 in lost in revenue across all types of business. Threat s include payment fraud, inaccurate client data, system failure, virus threats and hackers causing malicious damage in which Germany is the most affected country in Europe. The U.S., Canada and Australia are often the targets. The Metropolitan Police Service in London and U.K. private investigators say that criminal operations conducting internet fraud often have ties to Russia, Spain, China and Nigeria.

As the economic problems continue, law enforcement and experts say that fraud and scams via the internet will likely continue and even increase. Criminals are looking for an easy way to make money. Scams can target businesses and even individuals on sites like and Facebook, with relationship fraud and romance scams. Consumers and business should consider a UK background check  to verify and new relationships or contacts made online in the U.K., for individuals and business. Verify first, and then decide. International due diligence by a professional private investigator or background check firm can be used as a form of insurance to minimize the risk. Be skeptical, ask for references, and experts say never provide payment or personal information to a person or company overseas who has not been verified.

International private investigators are specialists trained to uncover critical information about a company or a person and can save you from business losses and emotional distress, not to mention identity theft and serious financial and personal losses. Protect your business transactions, your finances and reputation. Unfortunately, in today’s global and internet world, people and businesses are easy to forge, and although most businesses and people are honest, due diligence is essential to avoiding scams and fraud.

Fraudsters these days are well organized, sophisticated and evolving. The risk is highest for international transactions, relationships and investments, and the U.K. is struggling to control this escalating crime. Until the situation improves, a background check or due diligence, and extra caution is advised.

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