Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Russian Federation has been favored with the increase of the use of technology and software development. It is the 10th largest economy in the world and the government has begun a project of country infrastructure development, with targets set for 2020. But Russia is also a well known country for the most terrible internet scams since the very early days of online fraud, from the typical romance scams to complex business scams and identiyy theft rings, defrauding individuals and companies in Western world of millions and millions of dollars. Many fake employers and job candidates can appear and disappear, changing identity to continue their crimes.

There are good and bad private investigators in Russia and Ukraine and there are lots of fraudsters claiming to offer intelligence and investigation services. Some websites appear to be professional, but when payment is sent, it is lost forever. Some private detectives attempt to do the work, while others simply take the money and run. Finding a reliable and trustworthy professional, with the proper training and resources, is not an easy task. How can you tell that you are hiring a reputable Russia private investigator? Here are some basic points to consider when selecting a Russia private investigator. This checklist can help you to avoid being a victim.

1. In the cyber age a company without a website is basically nonexistent or a scam. Walk away from a claimed “company” that has no professional website. Also, if their website looks unprofessional, it may be a sign that you’re dealing with an individual.

2. Investigators incur expenses when conducting real investigations. In today’s world, you often get what you pay for. If an investigator claims to be able to “easily” get the evidence you need and handle your case, at a great or very cheap price, be suspicious! Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Expect to pay a realistic price.

3. Walk away from investigation firms requesting Western Union or PayPal payments only. Professional and reliable investigators and real companies accept credit card payments and provide SSL secure check for payment via their website, or bank transfer.

4. If the investigator is unwilling to discuss your case over the phone, take your business elsewhere. A reputable private investigator may prefer email, but he or she should be willing to schedule a brief phone conversation to discuss your case and needs.

5. Search the internet for references on the company’s reputation. See if other people have complained or had good or bad experiences. If you’re still unsure, ask for references.

6. Look for privacy and trust seals like Truste, McAfee, Verisign and the Better Business Bureau. Private investigation involves sensitive information and should be a very discreet and confidential service. It’s essential that your private information stays private.

7. Make sure your investigators speaks and writes clear and proper English and responds to emails promptly and clearly. Customer service is part of the job and a good indication of what you can expect after you pay. Be skeptical, and ask questions.

These are just some basic facts to keep in mind when hiring Russia private investigators that can keep you safe from fraud and unreliable service. There are good PIs in Russia and the Ukraine, but there are no shortage of crooks out there, and incompetent and untrained investigators can lead to disaster. Stay safe and contract the services of a reliable professional.

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