Friday, June 15, 2012

After the fatal economic crisis of 2008, investors and business people have learned the hard way that due diligence investigation prior an international merger, investment or business partnership is fundamental part of the equation.  Without, there is too much risk on the table.

As the global crisis keeps taking economies around the world on a wild roller coaster ride, corporations and Forbes 500 companies are strengthening their due diligence homework before engaging with companies in other countries, and have kept a very critical eye on those new powerful emerging economies like China, India and now Brazil, where investments appear to be shiny and glittery, but high risk of fraud has been detected in the past four years.

International investigators have said that 2010 and 2011 have been the worse years for internet fraud committed against western corporations and financial institutions from scammers in Russia and China, mainly, but as the economy in Europe seems to worsen and Greece is waiting to be thrown out of the European Union, expectations of worst scenarios are eminent.

Times have changed and business need to know how to proactively assess risk and decide which transactions and companies to trust and which should be put in the black list. International due diligence helps companies and international corporations to decrease the risk and make better decisions about merging and investment in international companies.

The most exciting part of the world we are living in is the possibility of beyond border business, and investors and businesses all over the world should have the right to try new markets and expand. Due diligence investigation helps visionary people to make decisions based on clear evidence about the risks involved in a merger or investment operation, as it helps to see the whole picture, and more importantly, detects the unseen facts of foreign companies to determine if they are legitimate businesses or just another scammer going after your money and reputation.

Big corporations hire experts of due diligence and have the budget to engage such services.  But, more small businesses are interested in accessing the global markets, and they are increasingly asking for assistance in screening opportunities.  Good international investigators and firms that can conduct professional due diligence investigations at more moderate costs are popping up, and individuals, small business and corporations now have a wider choice of services.

Professional and ethic private investigators will always come with fair costs and results. Contact investigation companies that offer trained personnel, multi-lingual and international investigators, and those whose websites look professional.  Look for privacy and trust seals like Better Business Bureau, Truste, McAfee and Verisign, and search Google to see what others are saying about the company.  Make sure the company you choose has investigators on the ground where you need them.  Lastly, ask for a phone conversation to make sure your investigation needs will be met, and that you and the investigator are both clear on your objectives to lower risk.

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