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England is one of the most profitable spots for internet criminals because people are accustomed to have relationships online.

Thousands and thousands of people are being scammed over the internet every day, and the problem seems to be getting worse despite all the stories and efforts to curb the problem. Great Britain loses around £162 million per year from cyber fraud. Governments have made every effort to prevent felonies but fraudsters seem to move one step ahead. That is why consumer watchdogs in Britain are encouraging victims to come out and report scams, in that way, more and more people would be aware of the real threats and will be more vigilant on not being next, but victims feel too embarrassed that they rather move on. Experts estimate that only 15 to 20% of all online scam cases get reported. This means the problem is reaching staggering proportions.

UK private investigator and Director of Background Checks at Wymoo®, John Wallace, reports that too many victims seek help from a professional after the damage is done, or when they suspect fraud. Experts caution consumers and subscribers of online dating sites to never reveal their personal information such as date of birth, address and financial information to anyone they don’t know personal and trust. Professional background checks and verification services should be considered as a prudent and safe form or insurance when dating online. In other words, consider a background check in the beginning, not after it’s too late.

England is one of the most profitable spots for internet criminals because people are accustomed to have relationships online, and meeting people on the internet from all corners of the globe is quite common in Britain. Not only computers or laptops, but mobile devices play a leading role too. People in Britain are getting used to do whatever they need to over their smart phones and laptops. Looking for jobs, shopping even for groceries, real estate consulting, payments for services, and even looking for love, is all taking place online. As citizens look for love on the internet, they put themselves at increased risk for fraud, romance scams and identity theft.

Scammers use different cover stories to access their victims. They can pretend to be from government offices like the Ministry of Justice, a major bank or financial institution and even PayPal. In online dating, they may or may not ever ask for money, and they may appear to be Mr. or Ms. Perfect until it’s too late. Sometimes criminals slowly gain your trust and gather information about you until they have enough to steal your identity. It can be devastating and costly.

Professional private investigator who coordinate with law enforcement and work hard to protect their clients often say that international background checks are the smartest form of protection and prevent that consumers can get. Such services can verify a subject’s ID or passport, verify employment and education history, check immigration or travel records, verify an address, check civil marriage records, search criminal and court records, and screen the case for fraud. In short, these discreet services can tell you if the person you’re dealing with is legit.

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