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International investigations are growing in demand for both individuals and organizations. The internet is connecting business and individuals all over the world, with international job boards, hiring and social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin, and online dating sites like and eHarmony, and thousands of others. Companies now look abroad if there are no qualified candidates in their home country, and job seekers are looking in several countries, and going wherever the best opportunity is. Investors are looking at the global market, and putting their money to work wherever profits seem possible. All of these new relationships are complicated by national borders, long distance, internet communications, and language and cultural barriers. Wymoo® is known as a leader in verifying these international relationships. By conducting international background checks and due diligence, private investigation companies can lower the risk for clients. It's prudent verification.

Because international private investigators are a relatively new field, few people seem to understand what they do, and who they are. A company spokesperson from one international investigation company said that they often get requests by Human Resource managers who want a "search" or a "check" on a person or company. The response of almost any professional private investigator is, "I'm sorry, what do you need exactly?" HR and business managers think that there is some magical global database that international background check companies can simply tap into. Many consumers think that you can "check" or "search" a subject in a foreign country or countries online for less than $100 USD, and get the results in minutes. False claims being made on the internet have led to this serious misconception, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Criminal records searches are only a small part of a real background check investigation. Bin Laden himself had no criminal record. Real risk mitigation and verification requires real investigation by professional investigators. There is no magical database online for verifying people and businesses, especially in the developing countries. If you're serious about lowering your risk, and if you're serious about verifying an individual or company in another country, you will need a trained investigator on the ground who has local contacts, speaks the same language, understands the culture, and can gather the evidence you need. Anyone claiming differently is a fraud, and is attempting to verify remotely via the phone or internet. This is negligent, and shouldn't be paid for.

Avoid Fraud. Hire Professionals

Fraud levels continue to rise, and victims of scams and fraud are learning the hard way that international investigations are an essential tool for managing the risk in international relationships. Stay skeptical and verify. Contact an investigation firm if needed.

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