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Many years have passed by since Russia PI™, a U.S.-based professional private investigation firm, began conducting investigations in Russia and the Ukraine.  Like many private investigators in the region, the company reports a steady and rising demand from global clients concerned about internet scams and fraud, and how to lower the risk.  Whether it's a corporate or individual client based in New York, Hong Kong or London, people around the world are looking to do business or have personal relationships with those in Russia, but they need to do so safely.  For this reason, the international background check business has been booming.

Services by most private investigators in Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg include due diligence, dating background checks, surveillance, asset searches and complete background check investigations.  Criminals in Russia tend to be internet savvy, and many of the world's best hackers come from Russia.  Russia is also known for beautiful women, and this combination has proven to be a dangerous one.  When internet savvy criminals join forces with beautiful women, expert dating scammer and romance scams flourish. Russia investigators work hard to make sure their clients can carry on relationships in the region, but avoid the pitfall of such online crime.

Russia and the Ukraine are high risk countries for internet fraud. Romance scams from the region remain high despite all the awareness and efforts made by law enforcement.   As internet users and people become more aware of the risk, scammers change their tactics and evolve their strategy.  In short, online scams from Russia can be highly complex and even the most skeptical can be a victim.  That's why experts agree a dating background check is more important than ever.

Private investigators with the proper training and agents on the ground locally provide an invaluable service.  They speak the language, and they are your eyes and ears on the ground.  They have access to public and government records, and can verify identity, passports, documentation, education and employment, travel records, and screen your case for fraud.

As the world becomes more connected through the internet and mobile devices, scams are starting to occur in new ways.  For companies looking to invest in Russia, business fraud and investment scams are a serious barrier to entry, and international due diligence is strongly advised.

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