Monday, April 9, 2007

The appeal of foreign brides and the primary risks.

From a United States, Canada and Western Europe perspective, we can examine the demand factor for foreign brides, and it doesn't take long to uncover the reasons explaining the interest. For some of those living in the leading developed world, find something different or "exotic" can be the appeal. For others, the appeal may be to find someone from a different culture, who offers a fresh perspective, and arguably, a more natural and pure mentality not driven by the West's competitive economics. The physical attraction is easy to pinpoint, as some of the world's developing nations offer the most incredible women in the world - this is not debatable. Countries such as Russia, Romania, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela produce what many consider the best female talent available on the planet.

The potential reward of a woman from a foreign country and culture is real, but so are the risks. Some in nations such as the Philippines, Colombia, Russia and others in Eastern Europe have begun to cash in on this foreign interest, scamming foreigners out of millions of dollars each year. Scammers mix themselves in with the honest women on websites, typically, sending beautiful photographs and gaining the foreigner's trust before asking for money, and more money. In addition to the relationship, advance fee and Internet fraud, there is the risk of blending two cultures in the form of language and cultural barriers, and pulling one away from his or her own home country to live. As in the financial markets, the risk-reward relationship here is directly related. For those willing to take sizeable risks, the potential reward can be substantial. On the other hand, it is wise to proceed with caution and do your homework to avoid the many pitfalls.

Is obtaining a beautiful and honest woman from Russia, Colombia or Brazil really an option? If so, what is the best way to make it happen? Based on experience we recommend visiting the country of interest in person, seeing not only the country's women but also the culture first hand. If you don't speak the language, seek out a woman in the country who speaks your language, at least basic conversation. This hurdle alone can save a great deal of money and heartache. Remember that with poverty (as in Russia, Colombia and Brazil) comes cases of women seeking financial gain, and nothing more. Approach women with a skeptical eye, and if visiting the country isn't an option, use utmost caution and due diligence in screening these women. We recommend a confidential background check from a firm like Wymoo once any relationship starts progressing - before any money is ever sent. Too many people have lost big. That being said, there are no shortage of winners out there who are happily married.

Are there any websites that are immune to such cases of fraud? The answer, unfortunately, is no. No website is immune from gold diggers, relationship or advance fee fraud. It just isn't possible to screen all the individuals paying for memberships on Internet matching sites. There are many beautiful women in the market. Sifting through those is only becoming more difficult.

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  1. WARNING: Olibetty Arocha Morales, Barranquilla Colombia. Age 35. Marriage scam.

  2. I had the misforuune of meeting her. Very bad person