Monday, April 5, 2010

Don't Be a Victim - Get a Background Check

These days, it seems that everyone is online, and increasingly common, people are meeting online. Websites such as and Facebook and eHarmony and hundreds more have changed the way people meet, socialize and find romantic partners. People from all over the world are now connecting online. With millions of customers on social networking and online dating websites, relationships are now commonly initiated via the Internet, rather than the old fashioned way. This is creating significant and new risks for consumers, and increased demand for investigators.

Many times, the individual on the other end of the world wide web is exactly who he or she claims to be. However, this can be very difficult to know for sure and verify. Mr. or Ms. Perfect, in many cases, can be rather misleading about his background, or even be a criminal conducting fraud. To avoid being a victim of fraud or scam, or identity theft, and to verify the person's identify and background, a dating background check is advised.

Online relationships with the greatest risk, and the hardest to verify, are international relationships. It can be very difficult to determine if the person is who he or she claims to be, and often verifying this requires the work of a professional private investigator or international background check company in the specific country or geographic region to uncover the facts.

There are plenty of honest and trustworthy people on the Internet. The problem is how to separate the good from the bad. Sites like, eHarmony and Facebook and many others allow scammers to approach their victims easily and from anywhere in the world. Criminals seek to obtain their objective which is normally advance fee fraud or a romance scam, and the techniques are now more sophisticated and difficult to detect.

Industry insiders and private investigators advise never to send money or personal data to anyone overseas who has not been verified. If the relationships seems to be going somewhere, a background check is a prudent decision and a good way to minimize your risk. Better to be safe than sorry.

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