Sunday, May 2, 2010

Investigators Report Increase in Online Dating Scams

Online dating websites are booming and consumers now have hundreds of match-making and internet dating sites to choose from. In addition to popular websites such as and eHarmony, millions are connected to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Experts warn that persons met via the Internet should be verified to minimize the risk for scams.

International background check services are available and recommended for any relationship which is begun over the Internet, and when the person involved is not known personally. Without the assistance of a professional investigator or background check company, it can be nearly impossible to verify if someone is who he or she claims to be when the subject resides in a foreign country. Private investigators recently have reported strong demand in background checks as the risk for scams and fraud increase, and more people are now connecting online.

A dating background check is simply a background check or verification process which involves a subject who was met over the Internet, and where the relationship is romantic in nature. If a relationship is progressing and there is a chance for a serious relationship, industry observers emphasize getting a background check early, since many consumers contact private investigators after the damage is done, and the fraud or scam complete.

Of course most people on the Internet on social networking sites and online dating websites are good people and honest. Criminals have unfortunately taken advantage of this situation, as nearly all such websites don't provide any verification process for their subscribers. As a result, many scammers are now targeting such websites and targeting the consumers online. The criminals pose as Mr. or Ms. Perfect and work to gain the victim's trust and heart - and later their money. Scammers are increasingly sophisticated in their techniques and distinguising the good from the bad is no an easy task, and a professional background is advised.

Major red flags include working overseas, sudden emergencies or illness, requests for money, and so on. Investigators warn however that the combinations are endless. In conclusion, online dating is a risk-reward game, and the risk continues to rise.

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