Thursday, May 27, 2010

Internet Scams and Fraud Rise in Bad Economy

Internet dating scams and relationship fraud represent a greater risk than ever, and this is one industry that is booming in the bad economy. Fraud and scam operations around the globe, especially in nations such as Nigeria and Ghana, but also in new areas defined by internet dating scam risk, such as Malaysia and the U.K., are reporting high incident of online scams. The Philippines, Ukraine and Russia are high risk zones and are all at high levels. Consumers should take extra precaution.

More often than not, the Internet dating scams begin on well known sites, such as Facebook, eHarmony or Online criminals are using more sophistication techniques, and it is now more difficult to detect who the real person is and who is the criminal. Who wants to steal your money, and who is truly interested in a relationship? It’s no longer an easy question to solve. Professional scammers now use software to conceal their IP address, they use internet phones to show any number they wish, they appear to be educated and play the role of Mr. or Ms. Perfect. In some cases, they even have real ID or documentation supporting their claims of identity. Public records might even match their story. Because of this, consumers often have to call on the services of a professional private investigation company.

One U.S. company which has been leading the industry in international background checks is Wymoo® International. The firm is now a leader in international private investigation and verification services, and global investigation services include dating background checks, pre-employment, due diligence, infidelity and surveillance, among other confidential and discreet investigation services. The company is known to use professional field investigators in over 100 countries, and relies less on generic and automated database search technologies, which are often outdated or inaccurate. Management has made it clear they intend to remain focused on the best field investigators worldwide, and the firm cites this strategy as a reason for their impressive growth and customer satisfaction record.

Even if you don’t hire an international private investigator, industry experts offer the following advice. Be skeptical of anyone met online, even if you met on popular sites such as Facebook or Be aware that criminals target people on these sites (and many others) and scams are often initiated there. Be careful never provide your personal data or send money to anyone who has not been verified. Be skeptical of any person or company requesting money, for any reason. Finally, if the relationship is progressing, hire an international background check company to verify the individual or entity, and minimize your risk for scam or fraud. Ignoring the risks can often be costly indeed.

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