Friday, June 3, 2011

It is getting more difficult for scammers to defraud people these days, so many people think. Media, especially the internet and social networks, and private investigators around the world have been warning people about preventing and being aware of all sorts of fraud types. And yet, thousands of people become victims every day. Internet companies have restricted mass emails and educated users about the risks of posting personal information online. Many companies even go as far as blocking emails and websites using words that have a strong connection to scams, such as ‘Nigeria’. Although consumers and companies are now more aware of the risk, criminals are finding new ways to scam people around the world. Experts warn that in fact, it appears the criminals are advancing their methods faster than the global public can become aware of the new risks. Investigators from Moscow say Russia background checks are now essential to avoiding this type of online fraud and scams.

Russian private investigators says that many scammers are now keeping a low profile and not even sharing information on what they do with friends or family. The profit is too high, the risk too great. They do not even open bank accounts in their name, but instead hide cash in safe deposit boxes or at home. Professional scammers can earn as much as $50,000 USD a day, according to recent research conducted by the Free World Economy Report! These kinds of profits are seriously guarded secrets, and Moscow based criminals are guarding their secret tactics and online strategies like inside information to a stock transaction. Once the information becomes public, consumers will become more aware of the risk, and the tactic less effective, and less profitable. The industry is booming.

Hundreds of background checks are conducted year round by Russia private investigators in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the Ukraine. They have uncovered patterns from the known criminal cases which have affected victims around the globe. Most cases target English speakers in the U.K., U.S., Canada or Australia. This is where the money is. Secondly, criminals will often target men in these countries who are seeking a beautiful foreign bride or online romance. Again, this is where the money is. Most criminals are organized groups of men that work from an internet cafĂ© or from an office using proxy servers, making IP tracking of little or no value. These men are expert con artists who use the right photos, right approach, and right form letters to establish a relationship begun online (usually Facebook or or similar) and they gain your trust. Then, when the trust is established after a period of several weeks or months, or even years, the financial requests will start. Requests for money will not stop until the criminal gets every penny possible. Or, in many cases, criminals will only seek personal information, such as a copy of your passport, and your address, etc to steal your identity, open a financial account in your name, and steal your money without you knowing until it’s too late.

Sometimes the girl in the photo is simply taken from the internet. In other cases, the criminal groups use real girls to convince victims, and can even use recorded or live webcam feeds with the women talking to their victims. These women are controlled by the men and criminal organization, and will receive a very small payment for their services. Law enforcement and private investigators in Moscow agree that Russian background checks performed by competent private investigators is key.

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