Friday, April 27, 2012

Unfortunately the Philippines has been one of the riskiest countries when talking about dating scams. According to seasoned private investigators, the only way to know if a relationship is true over the internet is by conducting a comprehensive background check by a trained private investigator. You may think, well, love is about trust the other person, but honestly, times are changing and that concept, sadly is no longer true, at least when online dating.

People can be anyone on the internet. A senior woman can pretend to be a sweet sixteen and a con man can pretend to be the lady of your dreams and there’s no way to know. You may ask for photographs, passports and even a birth certificate but you will be surprised to know that, since scammers are professional criminals, they do very well with faking documents.

Philippines detectives have seen a constant flow of western men being defrauded by scams. Most common target countries are Australia and the U.S., whether a couple starting a loving relationship or businessmen meeting someone locally in Manila, the risk is high and fraud is a threat.

Philippines background checks uncover the truth and save you from more bitterness and loss. Investigators have seen victims end up in bankruptcy in the name of love. The cover stories scammers use have been proven along the years and certainly updated and improved, that’s why you believe them…. But next time you have a strange feeling, listen to it, and verify.

Do not give money to a person you don’t know and if your Filipina wife starts to act strange, you better take an in depth look of what’s going on. Be suspicious and do your homework. It is you and the things you value most in life, children could also be included and also might be a victim. Learn the truth by conducting surveillance and get your eyes to see what you might be neglecting. In matters of the heart we all know what’s going on, but some prefer not to see.

Philippine PI has the most professional and well trained local private investigators in the nation, a subsidiary of Wymoo International, experts in international background checks, surveillance, due diligence and top notch client service. You can expect the same from their staff.

Dating background checks in the Philippines will help you determine if your girlfriend is who she claims to be. Surveillance will open your eyes to know if something is really wrong with your spouse and you could also use those elements of proof in court if needed. So, be skeptical and know the risks. There are resources out there to help you, so get the facts verified and be safe.

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A Hathaway
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