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Men lose everything in the name of love that is at least true when online dating, according to what Russian private investigators have experienced since the increase of requests for dating background checks has risen. Moscow private investigators are busy. Russian brides are still the number one threat over the internet despite what has been said in the media.

It is important for internet users to learn that scams are all over and caution is a top priority. Be careful if you receive an unrequested email from a stranger, or an email that also has a link that redirects you to an outside website, or communication is in very poor English. Russian dating scams is quite like the famous 419 scam from Nigeria and the means the risk is high.

Private investigators all over the world have seen how easily men fall for a beautiful face that in the end turns out to be a man or member of an organized crime gang –usually a fat old man or computer savvy college student or criminal, working the internet for money, at the cost of innocent folks around the world. If you’re on the internet, you’re a potential victim. They know all the tricks, they know all the words, they know exactly which string to pull to make you believe.

Romance scammers are professional criminals. Sophisticated tactics are used and it no longer takes a fool. Doctors, lawyers and even police officers are among the victims. Again, these crooks know how to land their victim, even if you’re the most skeptical. In many cases, there is no request for money, just your identity is stolen. Romance scammers are professional criminals.

Interested in someone? Well, do your homework. Research the internet; verify companies if subscribed to an online dating site, ask for other clients’ referrals. And if you are still doubtful or have a certain bad feeling, listen to it. Internet relationships should be verified. There are professional investigation services available in Russia and the Ukraine that will help you find the truth. Hire a good one that assure you confidentiality and seem professional too.

Russian background checks should be confidential, so you are secure and out of any danger of blackmailing. A private investigation firm will know exactly which steps to take in order to verify the data you can provide, such as photographs, addresses, passport, visas, employment, etc. Investigators are professionals usually with experience in law enforcement and some also have some military training. They work for you on the ground and speak the local language. They can verify her background and information. Be safe, when dealing with Russia, verify.

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