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Living in the internet era has brought amazing advantages to people. Life can be more organized and easy, not so time consuming and you can even find friends and even love over the internet these days. But how do you know the person you have just made friends with or seems to be a good candidate as a dating partner is actually who he or she claims to be?

There are thousands of cases every month in which international detectives are verifying online relationships and helping consumers avoid fraud. As more and more relationships are started online, the higher the risk and greater the unknown. Around the world there are millions of people who have been victims of internet fraud out via an online dating relationship. The biggest problem, say investigators is that most consumers get an investigation once they suspect fraud, once the damage has been done. Experts urge online dating subscribers to consider a background check investigation early as a form of insurance, to avoid heartache and identity theft.

Romance scams are no longer making the news in mainstream media, as most feel it is old news and the risk is gone and people are educated on the topic. Nothing could be further from the truth. The number of romance scam victims continues to grow worldwide as criminals increase their effectiveness in scams. As consumers become more aware, criminal evolve.

Subscribers should know that although some sites are riskier than others, no site is completely immune from fraud. Even on sites like Match.com, there is no way for the dating site to effectively screen all of its members and subscribers. It is up to you to watch out for red flags..

There is nothing wrong with looking for love on the net. It is our busy and demanding life that has made millions of people look for the internet as a valid source to fall in love but there are things to know and watch out for once you have decided to find your partner in the cyberspace.

A red flag is when the person who contacts you has different profiles on different dating websites, or when photographs seem to be that of a model, or when the person immediately asks you to start communicating off the dating website. Never reveal your personal data such as date of birth or address until you know exactly who you’re dealing with, and have met the subject in person.

Most of the time scammers hide in fake profiles made up with former victims photos and data, even documents like passports and visas could have been obtained by stealing a victim’s identity. In some cases there simply is no way to know without hiring a professional private investigator to conduct a discreet dating background checks to see if the person on the other side of the screen is who he or she claims to be. Play it safe. Protect your private data, be skeptical, and when you find yourself in a potential meaningful relationship, have your potential partner verified.

International private investigators have seen everything when online dating comes as the main subject in a case. The list of felonies and threats seems endless and most of the times
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