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It is a fact that romance scams are here to stay, despite all the warning signs and informative media out there for consumers. The risk is high, and as internet users and consumers becoming more educated about the risks, criminals and scammers too evolve and change their methods. Criminals know what works and how to win you over, so as long as you are on the internet and connecting with new people, you are at risk. Law enforcement at the Manila office of the NBI, National Bureau of Investigation in the Philippines, say individuals who participate in online dating and social networking sites are most at risk. Reputable investigation firms who conduct Philippines surveillance services agree. The risk is high, and surveillance is the new weapon.

More and more individuals are being victimized in the world thanks to the internet. While the internet is an excellent platform for those with morals and ethics, it also serves as a prime hunting ground for criminals around the world. In fact, internet scammers have become so common in the Philippines, that most locals think it normal to scam honest people online. In just about any internet cafĂ© in the Philippines, residents and shop owners tell Philippine PI™ that scammers operate from the internet cafes, and make no attempt to hide their activity. Scammers say they are just trying to survive and make money to live on, so they feel it justified.

Law enforcement, hard working and honest citizens, as well as professional private investigations firm couldn’t disagree more. No matter how poor, how hard life can be, there is no excuse for ruining the life of another individual via the internet. Make no mistake, romance scams can be devastating, leaving victims emotionally and financially bankrupt. In some rare cases, romance scams can ruin marriages and the U.S. Embassy even reports some cases of suicide.

How can you be safe if you’re in an online relationship with someone in the Philippines? Investigators always advise a background check investigation at the beginning of the relationship. This can provide valuable evidence and verify the subject, letting you know if you should proceed in the relationship. If you have an existing relationship, local investigation and surveillance is often critical, and can verify the subject’s living situation, relationship status, character and family background, and best of all, give you time-date stamp photos and neighbor testimony. While some scammers can avoid detection in the background check, say investigators, few can escape being revealed when there is a team on the ground conducting surveillance.

Philippines background check and surveillance services are increasingly used by individuals to verify their personal and business contacts in the Philippines. The economic crisis continues, and with limited opportunity, more Filipinos are turning to the internet. To separate the good from the bad, investigators are receiving more requests to verify.

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