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Russian brides are still in demand, despite the risks and potential pitfalls of seeking out and marrying a Russian beauty.  Western men continue to meet Russian women via the internet on the many websites that specialize in Russian connections, online dating, and match making for marriage.  Meanwhile, victims report higher and higher losses results from Russian dating scams that originate from social networking or online dating sites.  The most common victims come from the U.K., Canada, the U.S. and Australia, as these are the primary targets of Russian criminal conducting cyber crime.  More due diligence is needed to lower your risk.

Internet users have been constantly warned of the risks of relationships over the web, and yet, over 55 million USD was lost last year out of romance scams in Australia alone.  And that was just the reported number for 2011.  It is estimated that less than 10% of victims actually report the crime.  Victims often feel too ashamed and embarrassed to notify their local law police.

Anyone can be a victim of scam, as scammers are constantly evolving and finding new ways to trick their victims. Romance scammers arrange a convincing profile in dating sites like, Cupid, Facebook or any other and surprise their victims by assuring they are looking for love. Some scammers have become so sophisticated that have invested in software that can change their voices to avoid being caught in their lie.  They invest time and effort building their story and gaining your trust.  When the moment is right, experienced scammers can steal your money or your identity or both.  In some cases, they may never even ask for money, but may instead install a virus on your computer by sending you an email attachment.  Even the most skeptical can be fooled.

Experts say if you are considering a relationship in Russia, it is essential to contact a reputable private investigation firm to conduct a Russian background check to confirm the person of your interest is real. Most people have a hunch that they are being scammed but want to believe.  Others fail to see the warning signs, and think they are being cautious enough to avoid the risk.

Russian dating scams are often carried out by experienced criminals for financial gain only. Most of them use stolen photos from the internet, where there are billions to choose from.  In other cases, an actual model or female accomplice may be used to sit in on web cam sessions. Everything is a lie, well developed in order to get your money. It is a cruel game.

Russia PI™ offers professional services to minimize the risk in online dating.  Services include background checks, due diligence and dating background checks to avoid Russia dating scams. In matters of the heart and internet, verify your partner first, and then decide.

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