Thursday, April 11, 2013

Romance scam victims always ask, how could this happen to me?  Many internet scam and fraud victims report that they are skeptical and educated individuals.  Outsiders and those who have not been a victim often think it takes a fool to be a victim of scam or fraud.  Private investigators caution this is not the case.  In fact, international criminals are using more sophisticated scam and fraud techniques each month, and law enforcement and internet users are having a hard time staying current on all the warning signs.  In a new twist to romance scams and online dating fraud, internet criminals are now rolling out a new scam technique that has many victims dazed and confused.  Criminals are now using real models to talk to their victims on web cam to convince the victim they are real and beautiful, and they are truly in love or need your help.  It is the most effective scam technique being used today on the internet for dating scams and fraud.

Organized crime groups in Eastern Europe and West Africa and even Malaysia and the Philippines have found it very profitable to use live girls to talk to you to gain your trust and love, and to then steal your money or information to steal your identity.  The days of using fake photos taken from sites like and Facebook are slowly fading away.  With billions stolen and millions of fraud victims, the old method was a gold mine, but criminals and private investigators say, the new method is even more effective and dangerous to internet users on social networking and online dating sites.  When you’re talking  to a person on webcam, you think you’re safe.

Countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, the Ukraine, Romania and the Philippines are known to use this new method in online dating scams and fraud. Dating background checks by prudent private investigation firms are still the most reliable for avoiding the fraud and lowering your risk.

In most cases, victims were clients of adult content websites in which they become involved with a girl online, and with time, a relationship develops.  The scammer poses as a model or online chat mate who wants to get to know your better.  He or she never asks for money or help or even your personal data until a solid communication is established and the criminals gains a part of your trust.  In some cases the criminals may ask for money or your help directly.  In other cases, the crook will slowly gather information about you, later to be used to steal your identity and drain your bank accounts!  Experts warn just because you can see someone in a video on the internet, does not always mean the video is live, and it does not always mean the person in the video is who he or she claims to be.  Extra caution is advised for anyone who meets someone online.  Be safe and contact a professional international investigator to verify and, investigate.  Then decide.

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