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In international due diligence, the search of bank records of a company or individual is often a key piece of evidence.  It can be invaluable information for clients seeking information on a potential business partner, investor or buyer.  Lawyers often seek the service as well as part of a divorce case or when trying to determine if a legal case is worth pursuing.  After all, in many cases there is no need to do business with or sue someone who has no assets or bank accounts.  In countries like the U.S. and Switzerland, uncovering assets is not always easy, and each country is different.  Lawyers and private investigators access bank records and assets on a routine basis.  With the right investigator, asset searches and bank record searches are highly accurate.

For international businesses it is crucial to contact the right international investigators to avoid getting involved in unethical or illegal practices.  Or just as bad, to pay for a search that is not complete, thorough or accurate.  In some cases, unethical investigators or those with no experience or knowledge on how to conduct an asset search will take a client’s money and not even conduct the search.  Reputable and professional firm’s like Wymoo® International and Kroll can help clients know their options for both due diligence and international asset and bank searches. When considering an international bank account search on a company or individual, keep in mind you’re seeking hard to get information, so you should expect to pay a realistic price.

In the business world, bank records searches of a third party and without a court order are hard to understand.  Private investigators and lawyers with the right contacts understand and know very well that there are legal methods to obtain bank records and asset information on nearly any company or individual.  A court order is not required unless you’re seeking physical and actual statements from the bank, such as official paper statements from a bank.  If you just need to know where an individual has accounts, and how much money he or she has, then you would do well with an international bank account search by a reputable private investigation firm.

For companies considering a buyout, sale, merger, or new partnership, it can be essential to find out if you’re new contact has the assets and financial backing as claimed.  The international due diligence  process, in most cases, is not complete with a bank account search.

Bank account searches are the most effective and accurate asset searches available, and they are a legitimate process for companies to minimize risk. In this ever changing world where the economy is in constant turmoil, it is perhaps the only way a business can really see where a new contact, company or customer is positioned financially.  Be safe and verify.  Uncovering assets is knowledge, and knowledge and information is the key to success in today’s world.

Bank records search services are available and valuable tools in international asset search.

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