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Whether it's for business or pleasure, the demand for international private investigators is growing.  More companies, big and small, are doing business overseas with new business contacts, new companies, unknown connections and investors, and unverified websites.  That is where the opportunity is in many cases.  After all, with no risk there is no reward.  Online dating and social networks have also fueled the demand for professional private investigators around the world as internet users try to verify their online romance or friend they meet online.

International background checks are among the most sought after services provided by private investigator companies specializing in international cases. International investigators are those private investigation companies with offices or field investigators in multiple countries around the world, who can help you verify situations, people and businesses in other countries. 

In other words, international investigators are the private investigator solution for cases in foreign countries, for business and person reasons.  Services include background checks, due diligence, asset searches, surveillance, criminal cases, employment screening, and others.

Once you find a reputable professional to handle your case, the rest can be easy.  The trouble is how to find a good international investigator.  For clients needing due diligence on a company in China, West Africa, Russia or the Baltic region, it might not be easy to hire someone local.  There are language barriers and trusting someone you've never met on the other side of the world can be difficult.  Need surveillance on a girlfriend in the Philippines or Colombia?  Who can you trust to do the job?  Even a nice private investigator website isn't always a sign you can trust.

A good start would be searching Google for 'international private investigators' or 'international background checks' or 'international due diligence'.  You can also try an international private investigator directory and contact a few of them on the list to compare quotes and options.  Once you find some websites to compare, look for trust seals such as Truste, McAfee and the Better Business Bureau to be sure you're dealing with a legitimate website and company.  Check the contact us page to make sure the company has a real office and where they are located.

sk for references and search Google for the company name or investigator name to see what others are saying about the company.  See if the investigator is available for a phone call to discuss your case, and be sure the investigator has a team on the ground where you need them.

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