Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Romania is known worldwide for its beautiful women and enticing culture.  For many people it is where they find something that can change their lives forever - love.  Romania in recent years has emerged onto the international market like never before, thanks to online dating and social media.  While the economy has struggled to recover in Romania, many young women (and scammers) are finding a way out to a better life, and the internet makes it easy to meet foreigners.

Meeting people online is popular because it makes dating simple, but it is also a dangerous game, say investigators.  The current economic situation is one of the reasons why law enforcement is seeing a growing trend in dating scams that take place from Romania.  There have been many victims in the U.K. and in the U.S., and now dating background checks are growing in popularity as a valuable tool to help minimize the risk.  The slow economy has had devastating effects, causing a lot of struggling for many people. In this kind of scenario, you can count on a criminality rise.

Dating investigation services can help clients verify if the person who they are dealing with is who he or she claims to be.  There is no shortage of honest and beautiful women seeking real romance in Romania with foreigners, but the scammers and gold diggers are often hard to detect.

Social networks and major online dating sites have millions of subscribers, and have no effective way to screen and verify all their users.  That's not their business, and they simply are not capable of such an enormous task.  It's the job of users to be skeptical and know the warning signs, and to get a dating background check when needed, to lower your risk and be safe online.

It doesn´t really matter which site you might be visiting, the fact that your relationship is taking place online is already a risk. Keep in mind that there are no fraud free dating sites. Should you stop meeting people online? Probably not.  But you do need to be careful about it and watch out for red flags.  Even though law enforcement agencies are working on reduce the crime, the fact is that the cases are growing and so far law enforcement has had no way to shut these people down.

Once your money has been stolen there is not much you can do, except for filing a crime report. However, you won´t get your money back and chances are your case won't even be looked at by anyone.  You will simply become part of another database!   Be smart and be skeptical of all online profiles.  Consider a dating background check to protect yourself and verify your partner.

So before you get engaged in any kind of relationship with emotional or financial investment, think twice. If there is any doubt, remember it is better to be careful, than to be a victim.

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