Thursday, February 12, 2009

The rush for background checks in Lagos

Nigeria has been hit hard by the recent global economic downturn. Police have worked hard to take down fraud rings and criminal groups operating scams from Nigeria. With commerce at a near stand still, and opportunity hard to come by, the fraud is on the rebound. Nigeria is not alone. The FBI in the United States has reported a similar rise in fraud cases as criminals get more desperate to bring in the money during the depression.

Corporations continue to operate in Lagos despite the rising cases of fraud, and the risks that come with it. Business and investment activity is down, but deals are still getting done, and international ties continue to exist with individuals and businesses in Lagos. One industry that is booming is there is private investigation, since verifying businesses and individuals is essential.

Selecting a private investigator or background check firm in Lagos can be just as risky. Many corporate and individual clients report having their money stolen, or receiving unacceptable work. Paul Fletcher of Wymoo International urges clients to check references and to do their homework prior to choosing a Nigeria investigator. Wymoo is based in the U.S. with a new field office in Lagos. "Choosing a firm based in Europe or the U.S. with a field office in Lagos offers the best chance for quality work."

Nigeria will continue to develop, and as the global economy recovers, Nigeria law enforcement may once again be successful at shutting down the fraud and scams. For now, businesses and individuals are advised to proceed with caution.

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