Saturday, February 21, 2009

Growing demand creates options for businesses

Global over-population, globalization, and increasingly international markets continue to fuel the trend in international hiring, or hiring that takes place abroad. This increase in foriegn hiring worldwide, has in turn, caused a rising demand in the need for good international employment screening.

As firms continue to seek the best labor at the cheapest cost, foreign and international hiring trends should continue to rise. Companies are increasingly finding themselves in a new and difficult situation. How do we know this person is who he or she claims to be? This question is precisely the reason for the growing demand in background checks and pre-employment screening that involves the task of verifying a foreign candidate.

Many candidates come from countries where the hiring firm doesn't even speak the same language. It can be hard to verify addresses, credit history, crminal records, employment and education history, etc when the candidate is from a different continent. Often the the language, customs and access to information is entirely different. What's a firm to do?

Because each candidate is different, and each case is unique, we recommend contacting a background check or investigation firm that specializes in real investigation, with field investigators located in the local market that needs verifying. This will ensure the information comes back current and accurate, as the field investigator will know the local language, customs and technique in verifying a candidate's background. Checking databases from abroad isn't enough, and can be costly in the long run.

Wymoo International is one firm that has scrapped the old database model and instead gone with a network of professional field investigators located around the globe. If more employment screening firms would do the same, quite frankly, employers would be at less risk of hiring the wrong candidate.

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