Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Options for Employers and Individual Consumers

Employers and individuals are increasingly involved in relationships which involve someone overseas. International employment candidates, international romances, or foriegn business partners are quite common in today's globalized and electronically connected world. Verifying identify in these times, however, has become increasingly difficult. Global fraud is on the rise, and verifying an employment candidate or potential mate is more important than ever. The level of risk is rising.

Globalization is by definition global competition, which means many employers now need to search internationally for the most qualified candidate at the most competitve cost. Similarly, internet match-making sites have enabled individuals to find love abroad, without leaving home. This environment has been fueling the demand for international background screening.

Depending on the country or countries involves, consumers do have some choices. The first step is to identify the local market or markets where the subject needs to be verified. If the subject has a background entirely in the U.K., for example, a U.K. private investigator might be perfect. If the investigation firm is not based in the local market, it is important to choose a company with field investigators in the specific country. One such company with a global distribution of field investigators is Wymoo International, which is based in Florida, United States.

Companies to avoid would be those with no office, field investigator, or no mention of the country involved on their website. Companies and websites which offer global background checks but have no field investigator in the local market simply are not capable of conducting a comprehensive background screening, regardless of what database they claim to access.

Beware of companies that claim to offer background checks internationally for $99, for example. Professional investigations, international background screening and due diligence cases can be expensive, so expect to pay a fair price for a professional service and investigator. It's worth the investment.

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