Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Background Checks Rise with Internet Dating

More and more websites are popping up in the search results each week that offer Internet dating, online match-making, or ways to meet new people locally, or internationally. As a result, more consumers are trying this method in meeting new friends, business contacts, or potential mates. It's not uncommon these days to here about a married couple who met via the Internet. This booming industry has not gone unnoticed by criminals looking to cash in. Hence, the need for background checks. and countless other sites offer the opportunity to meet Mr. or Mrs. Perfect via the Internet. Often times, this potential mate can reside, be employed, or be traveling overseas. It can be very difficult to verify someone's identity through email, photographs and phone calls, especially if he or she is from another country. Scammers use this fact to their advantage.

To avoid being a victim, we recommend the following steps. Never send money to anyone who is not known personally overseas, for any reason. Never reveal any personal data such as bank accounts, credit card number, date of birth, address, etc, to an individual who is not known personally. Get a professional dating background check before proceeding in a serious relationship started via the Internet, especially if this person is in another country, or if the situation is international in nature.

Paul Fletcher of Wymoo International states that "too many clients come to us after the damage is already done. We try to encourage consumers to think of a confidential investigation as a prudent insurance policy, and a way to verify identity."

Industry experts agree that an increase in e-commerce and trends in globalization should continue to fuel the market for online relationship services. Avoiding fraud, it seems, will be an ongoing and increasingly difficult battle.

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