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2009 Survey selects Wymoo as leading investigator

Wymoo International began operations in 2006 and has rapidly taken up market share in Europe, North America and Asia for private investigation services. In 2008, we reported that Wymoo had increased its market share and client base more than 300% from 2007 levels. We also reported that a primary factor in this growth was the fact that Wymoo also achieved one of the industry's highest client satisfaction ratings. The word is out.

A February consumer research study conducted in over 10 countries in Europe surveyed existing private investigators and asked investigators to list the names and provide rankings for various investigation firms in the industry, regardless of the firm's location or size. Participants names were kept anonymous and polling was conducted primarily by phone and email. The results were made available March 10 in London and are designed to be a self assessment of the industry, and also as a measure which will help improve efficiency and investigator service.

Of the 32 private investigation firms mentioned in the survey results, Wymoo ranked #1 in client satisfaction and #3 in most reputable brands or companies. Paul Fletcher of Wymoo says their strategy is simple, "focusing on clients, listening to clients' needs and concerns, and hiring the best global field investigators possible to get the job done." Wymoo's rate of growth is drawing attention from competitors, and the investigation company's focus on quality field investigators over technology could be the firm's main competitive advantage. In fact, Wymoo is one of the few industry participants that openly criticizes the overuse of databases for conducting background checks, frankly stating the "information is often outdated or plain wrong."

About the Firm:

Wymoo® International, LLC is based in Florida, United States with operations in over 100 countries. The Company is privately held with no published number of its exact size, although industry oberservers estimate 30 to 50 field investigators in the group alone. Clients are global in scope and most find the Company via its international private investigators site, and via its subsidiaries, Colombia PI and Philippine PI, a Colombia investigator and Philippines investigator. Wymoo's services are strictly confidential and clients may receive a free quote at any of the Company websites. Services include discreet surveillance, background checks, missing person searches, and due diligence screening. The average case turnaround is 7 days.

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