Monday, June 22, 2009

Avoiding Russia & Ukraine Dating Scams

Russia and Ukraine dating scams and bridal fraud continue to operate throughout both nations, and victims are now more widespread than ever. Dating sites in the U.K., United States, Canada and Australia are now infiltrated with scammers seeking victims, not to mention the sites which specifically cater to men seeking Ukraine or Russia brides or relationships.

Law enforcement struggles to identify known scammers and criminals of fraud via the internet, especially in the Ukraine and Russia, where corruption remain at high levels. Of course, there are many decent and honest women in Russia and the Ukraine who are online seeking an honest relationship with a foreigner. The challenge remains how to identify the good from the bad.

Internet scams and dating fraud is now a serious and costly international issue. The annual loss from such scams, from the Ukraine and Russia alone, is estimated at well over $5M USD. Victims end up losing their money via common schemes such as assisting with education, paying for medical expenses, visas, rent, flights, or other emergencies or travel arrangements, otherwise known as advance fee fraud, online dating scams, etc.

For those seeking an honest woman via the internet in Russia or the Ukraine are advised to proceed with caution and to contract the services of a professional background check service. Due to the high level of fraud here, there are now competent private investigators operating in Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg who can assist clients with verifying identity, background checks, verifying education and employment, and identifying fraud.

Wymoo® now has field investigators based in Kiev and Moscow and offers clients a free and confidential investigation quote via its website. Consumers are advised against using local Russian owned agencies due to reports of fraud among those agencies.

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