Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Comparing International Investigation Service

International background check agencies remain few and far between. There are no shortage of agencies that claim to offer international background checks, but only a few truly have the capability to offer services at the global or international level.

Whether you're interested in an international missing person search, internet dating verification, surveillance, due diligence on a foreign company, or a corporate investigation involving a foreign subsidiary, the choices remain limited. Previously, consumers had no choice but to use a local investigator, even if this meant dealing with lower quality service, and a serious language and cultural barrier. Times are changing.

Globalization and the rise of e-commerce is allowing new investigation agencies to truly go global. One firm that has led the movement in international private investigation is Wymoo® International. Wymoo now offers its services in over 100 countries, and operates through its network of global professional field investigators. Other companies such as Kroll are also putting more weight on their international services. International relationships are clearly on the rise, including romance and foreign hires, and these relationships need to be verified.

International background checks are often made complicated by different regulations and privacy laws within each country. Therfore, it is essential to use a company that has field investigators who know the local language, political and court system, and know how to access critical information. Searching databases from abroad isn't realistic. In fact, relying on databases for an international check is dangerously imprudent.

Most investigators will offer you a free investigation quote which includes the cost, turnaround time, and the services they can offer. Communication and reporting should be confidential.

As markets become more global, expect more international services to become available. When choosing among them, remember to ask the following question. Does the Company have experienced field investigators in the country or region?

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