Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Private Detectives Investigate Scams

Online dating has boomed worldwide, and in the Philippines there is no exception. More and more women from the Philippines are seeking love and a new life abroad. To find their way out of poverty stricken Philippines, many women are opening accounts for online dating. It's no surprise that the level of dating scams are on the rise, and private investigators are quite busy.

Experienced Philippines detectives are accustomed to foreign clients seeking private investigation advice for a Filipina. In recent years, the level of complaints involving Philippines based investigators has skyrocketed, suggesting that not only is there a problem with Philippine women scamming, but now there is a problem with investigators scamming foreign clients.

The rise in fraud and romance scam cases has made finding a respectable Filipina more difficult than ever. To complicate matters, selecting a private investigator is now more difficult than ever. How did this happen? As the demand for investigations rose, many ameaturs tried to supply the market. The reality is few investigators in the Philippines are properly trained and financed to conduct a professional private investigation.

For those seeking a romantic relationship in the Philippines, as well as foreigners seeking investigation or background check assistance in the Philippines, extra caution is advised. Be very skeptical of both women and investigators who request money via Western Union. When seeking an investigator, we recommend reading the Philippines Investigator Advisory.

The global recession has hit Manila, Makati and Cebu hard and employment is scarce in the Philippines. As more women seek a way out, more individuals and so-called investigators are sure to try to join the market. Consumers should be skeptical of any "investigator" with no references, no professional website, and no proven track record of investigation.

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