Thursday, August 20, 2009

International Private Investigators in Europe

Europe private investigators continue to expand as an industry, and with the consolidation of the Euro zone, more companies and individuals in Europe find themselves in need of an international background check or international private investigation. International relationships have sharply increased, whether its business or personal, and employers and individuals increasingly need to verify relationships involving someone from a foriegn country. Investigators are rushing to meet the demand.

Searching for a private investigation firm that conducts Europe background checks can be a difficult process. Many companies claim to offer international background checks, but only search aged databases for specfic criteria, and don't offer any real investigation. A prudent background check requires having a field investigator in the region or country. This ensures accurate results, since the field investigator speaks the local language, and has the necessary skills and contacts to uncover evidence in the given country. Technology can't replace the investigator.

Consumers are advised to go with a U.K. or U.S. based firm with operations and field investigators throughout Europe. One such firm with extensive European operations is Wymoo International, which currently has field investigators in over 100 countries. Choosing a firm in the U.S. or U.K. ensures that businesses operate with a standard level of accountability and legality.

Professional investigations can be expensive, and consumers often get what they pay for. Companies offering "background checks" for $99, for example, clearly aren't offering a real investigation. Real information and answers come at a price, and hiring a professional investigator is not the same as searching databases. Whether you need a Russia dating investigation, a U.K. pre-employment screening, or a comprehesive search of criminal and court records in Italy, hiring a professional investigation firm with skilled and local field investigators is a wise decision.

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