Thursday, August 20, 2009

Global Background Checks and Providers

International background checks are becoming more of a necessity in today's world of global business and international relationships. A private investigator survey in 2008, conducted in over 10 countries, showed that demand for international private investigations and international background checks has sharply increased, and the trend is expected to continue.

Globalization and overpopulation have drastically increased the rate of foreign hiring. It's quite common for employers to look abroad when searching for new employees. With this new trend in hiring comes new risks, since verifying job candidates overseas can be difficult. In addition to commerce, social media websites and match making websites are in the thousands, and people are connecting internationally like never before. International romances, business relationships and friendships are now commonplace, and quite often subject to manipulation.

Verifying job candidates and foreign relationships requires the skill of a professional investigation firm, with operations and field investigators in the country of origin. Wymoo International currently has field investigators in over 100 countries, and is widely known as a leader in the international background check industry. Consumers should be highly skeptical of any verification process that focuses on generic databases searches, since this technology is often inaccurate or dated in the United States, and results are even worse for other countries.

More professional investigation firms are expected to begin more international services, as companies race to catch up with the demand. When searching for an international background check provider, remember to ask the following questions: Does the investigator have field investigators in the country of concern? Does the investigator have a home office in a highly accountable country, such as the U.S., U.K., Canada or Australia? Next, focus on price, timely communication and quality of service.

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