Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Philippines Detectives Working Overtime

Philippines private investigators are once again in high demand, as companies and consumers abroad with relationships in the Philippines try to avoid the high level of fraud and scams. Business fraud, infidelity and surveillance, and background checks are among the case types being requested by international clients in Manila and Cebu. It's unclear if the poor economy is entirely to blame. What is clear is that the level of scams and fraud in the Philippines is at an all time high. While this is bad news, this has been good business for Philippines private detectives.

Partly responsible for the high case loads of Philippines private detectives is the high percentage of Philippine women who meet foreign men via the Internet. The Philippines is well known for its online dating scams, and advance fee fraud cases involing Filipinas seeking financial gain. Although most Filipinas are honest and decent women, the scammers have certainly tarnished the country's image and the reputation of its beautiful women. Industry observes report that Philippine dating scams are at a record level, fueling the demand for private detectives.

Business fraud in the Philippines is also higher than in recent years. Case levels for due diligence and corporate fraud in Manila are nearly double what they were in 2007, according to one private investigation company in Makati. Companies are urged to request a background check or due diligence on any potential business partner in the Philippines. To avoid Philippine dating scams, consumers are advised not to send money for any reason, unless the subject is known very well personally or has been verified by a reputable professional private investigator.

The economic situation in the Philippines remains grim. Private investigators who have been in high demand due to the increase in fraud and scams have no doubt fared the crisis well. Insiders suggest the private investigation business in the Philippines should remain strong, and as the economy recovers, due diligence cases and pre-employment screenings should rebound. But, what will become of the scams and fraud is yet to be seen.

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