Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Investigators Fight Dating Scams in Moscow

Russia private investigators and background check companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia continue to be in high demand, despite the slow economy and near shut down of pre-employment screening across multiple industries. What's behind this high growth rate during a global recession? The answer is simple. Online dating scams and internet fraud is booming here.

Investigation companies in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev all report sharp increases in online dating scams, pre-marital checks, and advance fee fraud. Other investigation types which are in demand during a healthy economy, such as due diligence and pre-employment screening, are at all time lows. But, the loss has been compensated for thanks to online scams and internet fraud.

Russia private detectives are spending more of their time and resources tracking down criminals who operate via the internet. International clients are also contracting Russia and Ukraine private investigators for background checks and premarital checks. With so many new dating and social networking sites, more Russian women are online seeking relationships, and more relationships (business and personal) are now begun online.

Consumers and businesses pursuing relationships or opportunities in Russia or the Ukraine are strongly advised to have a professional Russia background check service or private investigator verify the individual or claimed business. Simply taking your chances in Russia can be a costly experience.

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