Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Choosing an International Background Check Firm

The market for international background checks is still in the developing stage. Many companies and websites claiming to offer international background checks, truly don't even come close. Some website and companies do search multiple countries for records such as civil and criminal history, but the available options for true international due diligence or international private investigation remains quite limited. The fact is, many records in developing countries are not yet computerized, and therefore out of reach to most database search firms.

One way to overcome this obstacle as a consumer is to search for a international private investigator or investigation company that has field investigators in the region or country where you need the research conducted. Having a local field investigator means the company is able to speak the local language, and understands how to obtain the information and evidence sought. It also means the private investigator can see and feel the actual subject of the investigation, often taking photographs and providing detailed and critical evidence of properties, individuals, etc.

Wymoo® International is one firm that has established itself as a leader in the international investigation market. Kroll also has field investigators and offices in various countries. While many companies have said goodbye to client service and focus on automated database searches, Wymoo® has focused on hiring the best field investigators around the world, and each case is assigned a professional field investigator. The firm also has access to local and national as well as international databases, but the company's focus on actual investigators seems to be working. The Company has achieved significant gains in market share.

Prior to choosing a private investigation or background check company for an international background check, ask the company or website if they have field investigators in the country where you need the investigation or evidence. If they do not, you should ask how they can obtain the information you require. Real answers, after all, still requires real investigation.

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